How to Survive As The Devil’s Daughter

How to Survive As The Devil’s Daughter


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Read manhwa How to Survive As The Devil’s Daughter / How to survive as the devil’s child The world is doomed. Again. No matter how much I used dragons to try to prevent the end of the world by repeating nearly a thousand recurrences, I could never change the ending. Now, i’m tired. Returning is also boring. How old will I be back this time? Regression, I don’t want to do it again. “Ugh.” for a moment! What is this voice! What are these small hands like maple leaves! “Who abandoned this newborn baby?” This life has returned to being a baby! And that too, in front of the mansion of Lucas, the man who is destroying the world thousands of times! What a new baby! A newborn baby who can’t even move her arms or neck properly! No, let’s calm down for a moment and think. This life may be a great opportunity to prevent the end of the world while closely watching Lucas. Watch out for me and be nervous, Lucas. This time I won’t let you destroy this world! I raised my voice and laughed viciously. ahahahaha Ahahahaha! “Carrrrr.” “Oh my goodness. My baby has a cute laugh.”

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